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Skilled Nursing

Skilled nursing services are provided by Registered Nurses (RN’s) and Licensed Practical Nurses ( LPN’s). Nurses provide the skilled care to meet a medical need and care is delivered in accordance with orders given by a physician and defined in a care plan. Nurses often coordinate care between the different disciplines by acting as the case manager.

Physical Therapy

Physical Therapists specialize in treatments that improve the mobility and physical strength of patients. Physical therapy primarily consists of physical exercise to alleviate pain and restore muscles along with patient teaching of special techniques to improve mobility. Physical therapy is delivered in accordance with physician’s orders and as defined in a plan of care.

Speech Therapy

Speech and language pathologists specialize in treatments that aid patients to restore speech that may have been lost due to some form of trauma, for example a stroke. Speech Therapists also train patients to improve their breathing, swallowing as well as their speech. Speech therapy is delivered in accordance with physician’s orders and as defined in a plan of care

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Care You Can Trust… Anchor Home Health Care provides custodial (skilled) care. The quality skilled nursing care and home health care aides work closely with the client’s physician to determine the most effective treatment plan. Our nursing professionals are committed to excellence in home health care. Many elements are involved in a successful treatment plan, and we pay careful attention to provide both a coordinated and effective care plan. Our nursing staff is keenly aware of their critical role in the patient’s medical care.
Home care is health care service that is provided where the patient lives. The purpose of home care is to restore, or maintain a patient’s health and reduce the effects of disease or disability. Nursing can be delivered in the patients’ homes. This allows them to feel more comfortable and less anxious.

What is
Home Health Care?

Patients can receive home care whether they live in their own homes, assisted living facilities, with or without family members. Specialty therapists from physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech-language pathology, and respiratory therapy departments often make regular home visits, depending on a patient’s specific needs. General nursing care is provided by both registered and licensed practical nurses; however, there are also nurses who are clinical specialists in psychiatry, and cardiology who may provide care when necessary. Home health aides are similar to those of nurses’ aides in the hospital. They provide what is called personal care in domestic settings. Anchor Home Health Care Inc. is an independent, licensed, local home health care company. We are committed to the belief that seniors and home bound individuals are best served when they are cared for at home. Anchor Home Health Care provides a wide spectrum of health care professionals and specialized services in the comfort of home. Our home health care team works with physicians, hospital staff, and family to develop a personal health care plan that addresses the needs of each patient. Our caring service makes it possible for the elderly to maintain as much independence and recovery as possible. We will provide the appropriate in home nursing assistance and companionship.

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